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Presentation Guide

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- Oral presentation (15 minutes)
- Poster presentation (I hour)

Oral Presentation

Equipment provided by the conference organizer:

·    Laptop Computer (MS Windows Operating System with MS PowerPoint & Adobe Acrobat Reader )

·    Projectors & Screen

Materials prepared by the presenters:

·    PowerPoint or PDF files

Duration of each presentation:

·    Oral session: 12 minutes of presentation and 1-3 minutes of Q&A

·    Please check your presentation time and room in the conference program.

·    Please arrive at the room 10 minutes earlier and report to the session chair.

Poster Presentation

Materials provided by the conference organizer:

·    X racks & base fabric canvases (as the figure below)

·    Tapes or binder clips

Materials prepared by the presenters:

·    Printed one-piece poster, smaller than 60cm×160cm

Poster format:

·    Material: not specific

·    Size: smaller than 60cm×160cm (as the figure above)

·    Content & layout: demonstration of the presenter’s paper


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